Start an LLC, Pay No Taxes

LLCs for People Who Do Not Want to Be Entrepreneurs

In this course, Professor Kez outlines how to start a home-based business and reduce your tax liability and increase your chances of a tax refund. This course breaks down the business creation process for individuals who are not interested in being moguls but still want open an LLC and earn income. Do you want to be an enterpreneur who does the least but benefits the most? Are you an Uber Driver but want to maximize your income and tax return? Do you want to know how being a Mary Kay rep or signing up to selll "flat tummy tea" benefits you even makeup and beverage sales are not your primary interest. Or, maybe you want to start a small business and need a better understanding of the legal structure. Here's what you will learn in this 50 minute course:

  • Why Every Black Person Needs An LLC
  • Different Legal Structures - Why an LLC Makes Sense
  • Understanding the Paperwork
  • Breaking Down Tax Liability
  • The Best State to File
  • Drafting Your Operating Agreement
  • Finding Common Deductions

Your Instructor

Kezia M. Williams - Professor Kez
Kezia M. Williams - Professor Kez

Kezia M. Williams is an emancipation activist, cashflow curator, entrepreneurial advocate and unapologetic educator. A second generation financial teacher, Ms. Williams founded the first incubator and traveling business school for Black entrepreneurs. Her faculty-validated, nationally-endorsed Black business curriculum has been introduced successfully in educational environments in the U.S. market and overseas.

Affectionately known as “Professor Kez,” Ms. Williams has been featured by CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Black Enterprise and The Huffington Post for her entrepreneurial and financial expertise. She has also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNBC, BET and is a two time Root 100 Most Influential African-Americans Awards Recipient.

She is the CEO of the Black upStart and MyBlackReceipt, which are enterprises that serve Black entrepreneurs and wealth creators. She is also the proud daughter of Gail Davis.

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